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Runners trust NOENE Insoles!

Runners worldwide have turned to NOENE to help get and keep their body prepared for the miles of wear and tear they accumulate with each step they take. Here are a few secrets from runners who train around the globe.

Rafa Pérez

"I consider myself very active and when I’m training I do between 500 and 650 kilometres per month, in addition to weekly races mainly on asphalt. I learned about NOENE in March 2016 and have used several models since then. I’m currently using the 1-mm UNDERSOLES for competition and the 2-mm MULTISOLES for training. For now, I’m injury-free and continue racking up the kilometres. NOENE will be with me in all of my training sessions."

José Navas

"After nearly 45 kilometres on asphalt in training and 60 on trails, I’m totally convinced by the NOENE material. For asphalt, I recommend the UNDERSOLE SOS1 and for trailrunning, the MULTISOLE NO2. NOENE will help me keep my joints in good shape."

Rafa Zugasti

Official tester. Pro-am runner and track athlete.
"I’ve faced tough races, with many kilometers in different stages and conditions, and any material that can help get my best performance and prevent future injuries or pain is extremely important. I discovered NOENE and the opportunity came up to be an official tester for the brand. So, after trying it out, I decided to sign on for this task."

Jordi Abadia

Long-distance runner
"On my quest to improve every day, I look for different training methods to push myself further, without forgetting that our joints pay the price for this mobility. This is why it is clearer to me every day and, to avoid any unexpected setbacks, I turn to NOENE."


When I was little I used to run wearing shoes that were not designed for sports. I have suffered lots of problems and pain as a result. I tried everything on the market in order to try to reduce the discomfort I used to suffer after a race (pins and needles, cramps in my legs, burning sensation on the soles of my feet, etc.).
When I tried NOENE® insoles, I was so happy with the results that I even ended up using them in my everyday shoes. For me, NOENE® insoles are essential at all times.


I tried NOENE ® insoles and now use them all the time, because they effectively absorb all shockwaves and vibrations. Three weeks after finishing an adventure race, I ran a 6-hour race and had no problems whatsoever. I ended up exhausted, but didn’t have to go to the physiotherapist. NOENE ® insoles have two advantages: they provide both tangible protection and also a great mental advantage, because I know they are made with a scientifically proven high-tech material.


I have been running and practicing sports regularly for 15 years now. In 2002, I set myself a new goal: to take part in adventure races in countries I had always dreamed of visiting. Since adventure races are very long and require you to be very fit, I began to look for the best materials to help me optimize my training sessions; this is how I came across NOENE ® insoles.
I have not been without them since the first time I tried them. I take them everywhere with me—I even use them with my ski boots!.


I have been using NOENE ® insoles for over 3 years. They are very comfortable, especially when covering long distances and doing intensive training sessions. They are excellent at protecting my feet from the impact generated by running. I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but now I am a total convert!