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The Benefits of the MULTISOLE Insole

When it comes to shoe inserts, there is a surprising range of products from which to choose.

As an overview, nearly every shoe comes with an insole — this is the part of the shoe that supports the bottom of your foot and can usually be taken out.

For those who want or need more foot support, this is where the options come into play. You can get a custom-made orthotic from a podiatrist or physical therapist that replaces your shoe insole. Or, you could get a shoe insert (also called insole) that performs the same function.

There are benefits to each type of shoe insert; however, when it comes to daily protection and cushioning, there’s no better option than NOENE® MULTISOLE NO2.

Benefits of the MULTISOLE Thin Shoe Insert

As opposed to other shoe inserts, which are either too bulky or too flimsy, NOENE® MULTISOLE NO2 was designed explicitly for daily protection with added cushioning.

The MULTISOLE shoe insert can benefit you for the following reasons.

1. It’s Designed for Extra Cushioning and Daily Use

Compared to our NOENE® UNDERSOLE SOS1 undersoles, which are geared toward shock protection, our MULTISOLE product takes protection a step further.

We designed this product specifically for anyone who wants extra cushioning as well as protection for their existing shoes.

Consider NOENE® MULTISOLE NO2 insole if you:

  • Work long hours on your feet (construction, service industry, teaching, sales)
  • Have aching knees, hips, or other joint pain
  • Are a senior and want to maintain an active lifestyle
  • Travel frequently

No matter your lifestyle, this MULTISOLE insert will enhance the comfort of your shoe and reduce the harmful shock that your body otherwise absorbs through your feet.

2. The MULTISOLE Is Thin and Lightweight

You’d think a product designed for protection plus comfort might fall into the “too bulky” category, but these shoe inserts are just 2 millimeters thin.

Many alternative shoe insoles totally alter the fit of your shoe. You end up needing to order shoes a few sizes bigger to accommodate the bulk of the insert. NOENE® MULTISOLE NO2 solves this problem, as it maximizes protection, adds the extra cushioning, and minimizes size thanks to its proprietary shock-absorbing material.

3. It Fits With Any Shoe

Because this MULTISOLE is so thin, it can be worn underneath or above your existing shoe insole. For shoes that have a fixed, non-removable insole, NOENE® MULTISOLE NO2 is an excellent option because it was designed to be worn with existing insoles.

Additionally, because the shoe insert is so thin, you can wear it in athletic shoes without compromising any of your performance. If you’re a runner, you don’t need to worry about a heavier shoe; if you’re a soccer player, you don’t need to worry about a tight cleat; if you’re a tennis player, you can still move quickly to the baseline. You won’t even know the insole is there, except for the added cushioning and shock absorption.

No matter your lifestyle, NOENE® MULTISOLE NO2 will enhance the comfort of your daily life. By absorbing harmful shock and providing cushioning, this product will help you take every day in stride.