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Why Everyone Needs Thin Shoe Inserts

Imagine that you have a stack of bricks sitting on a table. These bricks are very loosely sealed together by the same type of glue stick you used in elementary school. On an unmoving surface, these bricks could stay stacked forever.

Now, your household dog races for a scrap of food under the same table, and its tail starts to whip back and forth under the surface. A few of the bricks shift. Next, you’re under the table picking up some loose change you dropped and you smash your head into the table. The glue is really being tested, and some bricks start to dislodge.

Imagine what would happen if you had someone repeatedly punching the bottom of this table. Aside from a sore hand, you would also have a pile of dislocated and fractured bricks.

Your body faces this same abuse every single day. Whether we realize it or not, every time we stand, jump, run, or perform any action on our feet, we send these shocks all the way up our body. Like the pile of bricks, our anatomy starts to suffer under the pressure.

Instead of a fallen tower of bricks, we get shin splints, knee pain, hip tenderness, and even pounding migraine headaches. Indeed, the shocks we absorb through our feet reach all the way up to our brain. Luckily, the technology exists to stop these shocks from damaging the body — thin shoe inserts.

What are thin shoe inserts?

You can insert shoe inserts into your shoes to address different issues, such as shoe-fit issues, orthotic needs, and added arch support. At Noene®, we specifically design our under-soles to absorb shock and help reduce chronic injury.

How do thin shoe inserts work?

Thin shoe inserts might seem like a flimsy solution for the shocks our feet absorb every day. And in reality, some of them are flimsy. This is why Noene® developed a thin shoe insole — technically an under-sole — made from proprietary technology.

Engineered purposefully for shock-absorbing qualities, Noene® thin shoe inserts are only 1 mm thick. Although our shoe inserts are very light and thin, they have incredible shock-absorbing properties. The natural rubber we use from Switzerland helps to explain how Noene® can enhance performance and remain Thinner Than a Dime™.

Who can benefit from thin shoe inserts?

It might seem bold to say that anyone can benefit from thin shoe inserts, but this is really the case. While athletes are an obvious candidate for shock-absorbing inserts, this technology can help anyone who wears shoes and stands on their feet.


Not all athletes rely on their legs for their performance, but thin shoe inserts are a great option for those who do. For tennis, basketball, soccer and football players who rely on quick feet for performance, Noene® can lessen the impact of shock. Our thin shoe inserts are so minimalist that they remain invisible and do not get in the way of performance.

Athletes put a lot of wear-and-tear on their bodies, which is why they generally have healthy self-care routines. Athletes stretch, eat a nutritious diet, and get enough sleep. Why wouldn’t they also want to minimize the impact they put on their bodies day in and day out?

Employees Who Have to Stand

There are jobs that require employees to stand all day. Waiters, teachers, construction workers, and fitness coaches, just to name a few are on their feet all day. This can really strain the body. Thin shoe inserts can reduce the effect of shock on the body, and contribute to a much more comfortable workday.

Those With Chronic Joint Pain

If you experience chronic pain, especially in joints such as your ankles, knees, and hips, thin shoe inserts are an option to consider. Joints can be really delicate, and any shock your body experiences can affect them significantly. To manage this pain more effectively, add a thin shoe insert to help reduce this shock.

As seen on Shark Tank, Noene® developed the top thin shoe insert for shock-absorption. This technology can enhance performance for top athletes and everyday people alike. Take a stand against injury and shop our incredible thin shoe insole products today.