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MultiSole No2

red sole no2+


The thinnest insoles on the market, UNDERSOLE SOS1 was designed for athletes, runners, or those who wear minimalist athletic shoes (i.e. cleats).

A combination of cushioning and joint protection, MULTISOLE NO2 is our most versatile insole. Suitable for everyday activities including work, leisure, and athletics; also recommended for those who live an active lifestyle.

The most comfortable NOENE® insole, RED SOLE NO2+ was designed for athletes, those who stand on their feet all day, seniors who want to stay active.

Joint Protection & Shock Absorption



Worn With Other Insoles Or Orthotics?

Yes (slips under existing sole)

Yes (slips under or on top of existing insole or orthotic)

No (replaces existing insole)

Daily Activities (Work, Leisure, Or Athletic Training)


1 mm

2 mm

6 mm


Lightweight (.45 oz)

Lightweight (.88 oz)

Midweight (up to 1.5 oz (depending on size)

insole type

Cut to Fit

Cut to Fit

Replacement (Trimmable)

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