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UnderSole SOS1 Insoles
UnderSole SOS1 Insoles
UnderSole SOS1 Insoles

UnderSole SOS1 Insoles

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Are you an elite athlete or do you wear a custom orthotic that leaves very little extra room in your shoe...

The cut-to-fit NOENE® UnderSole SOS1 undersoles are specially designed to help reduce the amount of wear on your joints by absorbing shockwaves generated when your feet hit the ground. 

Add NOENE® protection instantly to your regular insoles by applying these undersoles. Incredibly thin (1mm) and lightweight (.45 oz). Designed to maintain the integrity and fit of your current footwear, yet adding the revolutionary NOENE® shock protection for your body. These are particularly made to be worn UNDER Orthotics.

If you need a WIDE option, please select SIZE 2.

Note: The NOENE® UnderSole SOS1 insoles are undersoles. They are cut-to-fit as an addition to your existing insoles, but not designed to replace them. These ultra thin undersoles will not change the fit of your shoe. If you need more cushioning try NOENE® MultiSole NO2. It offers the same protection with extra cushioning.